July 19, 2013

"Invisibility Wetsuits" for protection against shark attack while you swim.

Scientists from the University of Western Australia (UWA), with the help of designers Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) has developed this wetsuits. It toked 2 years of research and development.

In tradition black wetsuits swimmer looks like a seal animal which food for shark and recent discovery that sharks are colour blind they came up with this idea of camouflage wetsuits.

According to UWA professor Shaun Collin told to Guardian that “Many animals in biology are repelled by noxious animals – prey that provide a signal that somehow says ‘Don't eat me’ and that has been manifest in a striped pattern. We are using a lot of nature's technology, based on high-contrast-based banding patterns. The wearer will be obvious, and the idea is the shark will see that as an unpalatable food item and swim right by.”

This Suites are available preorder on Radiator with a price tag of $495.

Via : Guardian    Popsci

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July 17, 2013

Artificial Silk lighter than steel & tougher than Kevlar "SPIBER"

Spiber silk is bean developed by Japanese company called Spiber inc. according to them this remarkable material is so light, yet so strong and flexible. It can absorb so much energy, they have developed this super strong material by studying the makeup of protein fibers in spider silk which owes its amazing properties to a protein named fibroin. Proteins are the catalyst for most chemical reactions inside a cell and help bind cells together into tissues.

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The Nap Anywhere is a portable head-support pillow.

It is very conman for frequent travelers suffering form neck discomfort after long travel. This were this product could be helpful its called Nap Anywhere.

The Nap AnyWhere is designed by physician Dr. Ravi Shamaienger his knowledge of human anatomy and his personal experience inspired him to design this unique product. It is designed with travelers in mind.

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July 12, 2013

Water cooler with tilt advantage

When quantity of drinking liquid like water, juice, tea, Coffee, etc. gets low in dispenser it's human tendency that we tilt it forward to get the very last drop of it. based on this problem designers Hsieh Hung-Chaung & Lin Kai-Ting has came up with very useful concept naming Tilt20, they have deigned dispenser with 20-degree of base angled that could be very helpful.

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Transforms any plain surface into low-cost touch screens through vibration invented by NTU

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore has developed the technology that can turn almost any flat surface including wood, glass, aluminum etc into a low-cost multi touch screen. This technology toked almost 4 years of research.

NTU Assistant Professor Andy Khong, who led the research, says "this award-winning system has been proven on different types of large surfaces." This technology is named STATINA (Speech Touch and Acoustic Tangible Interfaces for Next-generation Applications)

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February 18, 2013

FS Chair by OYD Design that can be assembled within a minute

OYD Design developed a great idea of chair that can be assembled in a snap this design could be very user friendly as it can be flat packed for easy transport.

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June 29, 2012

Smart Bed by OHEA that make itself automatically.

Now a day's every thing is going smart and automatic. Spanish furniture company OHEA has introduces smart Bed that makes itself in 50 seconds after we get up. we have do to nothing not even pressing a button or arranging pillow, this smart bed has a sensor that enables it to automatically arrange and straighten the bedding on its own.

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June 26, 2012

Element Smokeless BBQ which help Grilling indoor

There are many indoor grilling system are available in the market and they also sears marks but it does not give smokey flavor and this is the man characteristic of grilled food and it's not a good idea to bring gas or charcoal grill in indoor spaces. This is were this good innovation Element Smokeless BBQ come to risque.

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July 7, 2009

AIR-igator which collects the condensate water from air conditioners for gardens

In hot summery days it is very difficult to give proper water to our garden so conservation of water for our gardens is very importance but it is only possible in rainy days but what about in other days, this is were this Air-igator comes to risque. The AIR-igator collects the condensate water from air conditioners and stores it.

Air-igator consists of a 24” diameter reservoir with a latching cover, submersible pump, and a float control. The AIR-igator collects the condensate water from air conditioners and stores it, until is an adequate amount to run the low volume irrigation system. The float inside the reservoir will then start the pump, running until the tank is empty or signal a timer, allowing the system to run at a specified time. The 120V, 1200GPH pump and float are plugged into the nearest 120V outlet (within 15’) and the AIR-igator will run unattended.

The AIR-igator is designed for low-pressure micro irrigation system for the most efficient use of water, and is the easiest for the homeowner to maintain. The drip system uses “emitters” to place water directly at the base of the plant or tree, thereby providing the water where it is needed the most, with a minimal loss.

AIR-igator system is only available in Florida at price tag of approx 495$.

Via. AIR-igator

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June 27, 2009

Fire-proof coating that could give protecton against intense heat

There are many fire proof coating available in the market for building materials and structures but they are no good against intense heat they break down at between 150-250°C, but this is going to change as researchers at CSIRO Australia have come up with a new coating material called HIPS (‘hybrid inorganic polymer system’) it can withstand temperatures of over 1000°C.

HIPS coatings contain an inorganic geopolymer resin, and a small component of polymer additives, it can be applied as easily as paint, it has the potential to form thin fireproof coatings on timbers such as weatherboards, and on metals such as structural or galvanized steel. It can also protect brickwork, either as a thin coating or as a render. HIPS can be applied by spray equipment, roller or brush, and cures from ambient temperature to below 90°C, it can be cheaply made from industrial by-products.

Source. CSIRO

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